LaPorte County is an amazing county full of the best residents and amazing businesses. We have the beautiful lake front, great orchards, farms, and wineries. Our county is unlike any other in Indiana. Despite our beauty and hidden treasures, we are not exempt from having our issues. I believe that we can overcome any issue that we face and I want to be part of the solution.

We face the following issues:

Government Accountability

Too often those elected to office forget that they are there to serve the residents and to improve the county. Liz is someone who has seen back door deals, promises broken, and actions taken by those elected to better their lives and pocket books instead of in the best interest of those they were elected to serve, she is sick of this and wants better for her family and neighbors. She wants to be Commissioner to serve the county and bring accountability back to La Porte County government. Enough is enough.

Liz is running to bring accountability back to La Porte County. Liz is running to serve the residents and their best interests.

Infrastructure Obstacles

Liz is tired of seeing crumbling roads and having to swerve to miss potholes. Tired of seeing people having to walk in the street and risking danger because there are no sidewalks. Tired of having bridges in our county that are in need of repair and go unattended. La Porte County residents deserve to have safe drinking water and have the pipes that deliver it in good condition. We need reliable internet across La Porte County so that our children enrolled in our public and private schools can attend e-learning days, students home schooled and those attending online schooling have reliable fast internet and residents can work from home and use the internet as they wish. Our beaches must be clean and safe.

Liz is running to make La Porte County safer, stronger and to improve the infrastructure of La Porte County.

Strengthening Our County and Its Economy

Our county, with all its treasures and wonderful residents, is in trouble. Our county growth rate is decreasing, our job growth is decreasing and is forecasted to continue to do so for the next 10 years. On average, our county employees make less than our neighboring counties. All of these impact our tax rate and revenue, which impacts our county. We need to be able to attract new residents, new businesses, new jobs that provide real careers and wages, and new industries and technologies.

Liz is running to ensure that La Porte County’s economy grows stronger and to help bring new businesses and industries and jobs to La Porte County.

Protecting Small and Independent Businesses

Our county is such a wonderful combination of small and independent businesses of all kinds from manufacturing and healthcare to retail and restaurants. We have some of the most talented and one-of-a-kind businesses and business owners in the state and we must do all we can to protect them. We must ensure that our business owners can remain in business and help them grow. We must ensure that those that live in La Porte County are aware of the businesses of the county and encourage patronage.

Liz is running to protect La Porte County’s small and independent business, its owners and to help these businesses grow.

Public Health

Our county and its most vulnerable like the elderly, the disabled, our children, and our Veterans deserve to have access to the best possible resources and deserve an advocate on the Commissioner Board. Liz will be that advocate. Liz has seen the issues and obstacles that these groups face along with families that lack the resources for healthcare and a quality life. Liz has both the personal and professional experience needed to represent those in need and understands the ways community and charitable resources can be used to help these populations.

Liz is running to protect the most vulnerable of La Porte County and to be an advocate for those of our community in need.

Keeping Our County and Its Residents Safe

Our county and its residents deserve to live in a safe county and in safe towns and cities within our county. Our communities deserve to be free from drug use, assault, human trafficking, and overall crime. Liz has six years of Correctional experience and is the ideal Commissioner to work with Community Corrections. Liz is committed to working with community leaders, churches, health care, and law enforcement professionals to ensure La Porte County residents are safe and can enjoy a high quality of life.

Liz is running to keep La Porte County and its residents safe and to work to bring community resources together for the betterment of the county.